The excavations carried out from the end of the 19th century, in particular by the archeologist Albert Naef (1862-1936), affirm that this site has been occupied since the Bronze Age.

In its current state, the Castle of Chillon is the result of several centuries of constant building, adaptations, renovations and restorations.

The rocky island on which the castle is built, was both a natural protection and a strategic location to control the passage between northern and southern Europe.


The Old Town, directly adjacent to the steep slopes at the edge of the forest, seems to be hidden at almost unattainable heights. Yet this quaint neighborhood is just ten minutes from the lakeside.

And what a view opens up to the visitor! At almost every turn, admiring viewers gaze upon a fresh panorama of lake, mountains and forests.

Of course, there are small bistros and typical restaurants where you can satisfy that hunger and thirst. Do enjoy a glass of Montreux wine while out on the terrace after you have admired the many fountainsfed by spring water.

The Old Town is also the starting point for magnificent hikes. The trail to the wild Gorges du Chauderon leads along the Baye de Montreux River to Glion or Les Avants.


For over 30 years already, the world’s first-ever food-themed museum has been sharing a global and independent view of the many aspects of the human diet. Its multidisciplinary, cultural, historical, scientific and nutritional-focused approach and its bold and original programme of activities have established the Alimentarium as a reference on food.

You will enjoy the transfer from Montreux to Vevey by one of the CGN steamboats.


Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the IOC from 1980 to 2001, was behind the creation of this museum. His aim was to promote and spread the Olympic spirit. With images and symbols, the museum shows that, “The Olympics is much more than a mere sporting competition. It is a philosophy of life that is rooted in the depths of time. Sport, art and culture are the traditional pillars of the Olympics” is the official message.

The museum brings together these three means of human expression in one place.


The terraced vineyards of the Lavaux site unfold above Lake Geneva for some 14 kilometres, forming a real link between Lausanne and Vevey-Montreux. Not only does the listed status of Lavaux as a UNESCO World Heritage site pay tribute to an age-old vineyard, it is also a living “cultural landscape”, a remarkable testimony to an authentic and dynamic civilisation.

A warm welcome awaits in Lavaux, where visitors are called to explore this bucolic land of vines by wine trails or miniature train. Whether in families or groups, walkers are welcome in any of the numerous wine-producing cellars offering tastings of local vintages, which are gaining increasing international recognition. And it is always possible for the curious amateur to organise a visit to a cellar, which will reveal to you the secrets of wine production and grape harvests.


Discover a site dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, the artist and man.

Meet Charlie Chaplin, family man, in the Manoir; embark on a singular journey through the sets of his greatest films at our Hollywood-style Studio; take a peaceful walk in the gardens; and don't forget to round off your visit with a stopover at our shop before heading to our cafe-restaurant, The Tramp.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience!


Inspiring and entertaining: nest is an unprecedented discovery space of Nestlé. Much more than a museum, nest embarks the visitor through 150 years of history of the brand, during a spectacular multimedia experience between the past and the future.

Come to explore the questions about today's nutrition open-minded and experience in a unique and playful way a passionate vision of nutrition.


The winter season is from October to May in the only glacier ski area in the Diablerets / Bernese Oberland. Over 24 peaks with an heigth over 4000 m can be seen from the glacier. You will get to the glacier by a cable car and there both the Restaurant Botta 3000 and the Refuge l'Espace restaurant offer spectacular views. The ski run around the Oldensattel is one of the longest and most challenging runs in the area.


Gruyère and chocolate: the pinnacle of Swiss culinary expertise.

The Chocolate Train is a first class trip that will take you to the « Maison du Gruyère » where the mysteries of the production of this famous Swiss cheese will be revealed to you.

Then you visit the charming medieval town of Gruyères, with the possibility to visit its magnificent castle.

Finally, you reach the legendary « Maison Cailler » in Broc. There, you will discover the secrets of the creation of Swiss chocolate and enjoy a high flavoured tasting.


A delightful journey to a dream destination.

Towering at an altitude of 2,042 m, Rochers-de-Naye has long been a favoured destination for nature lovers. To get to this unique place, take the charming cog railway that departs every hour from Montreux and ascends more than 1,600 m on a magnificent journey through fields, villages and forests. After a journey that takes around 55 minutes – and is worth doing on its own – you reach the summit, where a whole host of activities are available.

A breathtaking view and a range of activities to suit everyone.

The view from the summit of Rochers-de-Naye is simply stunning, overlooking Lake Geneva and the Vaud, Valais, Bern and even French Alps. From this point, you have a whole host of activities to choose from, including hiking or walks for the whole family, visiting the Marmot Paradise wildlife park or the La Rambertia alpine garden, skiing in the winter or even spending the night in an authentic Mongolian yurt or at the hotel. To tantalise your taste buds as well as your eyes, there is a restaurant with panoramic views and a self-service café where you can recharge your batteries with tasty local dishes and snacks.